Thursday, January 27, 2005

Journal Day...

Today I need to clear away more blogging, no more reading RSS feeds on, I am already experiencing withdrawal from this curiously addictive activity!

I need to make headway on the journal I am editing. Gotta get information off to Bepress to set up their nifty online management system, and then soon the journal will be completely online and in paper. Best of both worlds. Then there is the sending out of manuscripts for review, the submitting of applications to indexing services, the author queries piled up. Fortunately none of this is by paper, thank goodness. What did we do before computers? Ah, I am old enough to remember actually typewriting my dissertation and using correction tape or fluid. Good god.

Journal editing is a timesuck, a black hole...but I am lovin' every minute of it. I just need some more help...our associate dean promises some...good!

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