Friday, January 21, 2005

A New Revenue Stream!

When one of my colleagues asked me for help with his retirement planning, I thought something was up. Seems like the listing for Purdue University Press in the alumni magazine had me switched to be the editor of a book on personal finance and retirement, and those editors, from our business school, were now flogging my Dewey journal!

The husband and wife editors of the finance book were upset about this, and he called my wife at home when I was teaching, perhaps thinking I would be upset too.

I wasn't, really, but I thought it was hilarious, and so did my wife, that I, with the plodding TIAA CREF funds, was now considered an expert in retirement planning!

I wasn't quite sure of what was said about this, that "any publicity is good publicity..." but I know that my journal will get another plug in a correction next issue. So that is twice what the others got.

Say what, if I get that book on retirement planning, I plan to hang a shingle out and charge for my wisdom, while the two others can handle manuscript submissions on Dewey's legacy!

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