Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Ag moves away from the table at Moo U...

Several times in the last few classes of my higher ed in film and fiction course, we have discussed the relative pecking order at our university (that will go unnamed, but it is the finest institution in West Lafayette, IN). As if you didn't know, I am at a Moo U, one of the behemoth midwestern land grants established, under the Morrill Act, to teach "agriculture and the mechanic arts."

Well, from what I see, and what I hear my students saying, agriculture has moved down the order at my university. What is prominent, as always, is engineering, especially anything "nano." The life sciences are ascendant too, with no signs of abating in, oh, maybe a couple hundred years. Mind you, agriculture is still prominent at my just isn't as prominent as it once was, imho.

To others at Moos and those who know of them, how is agriculture faring at your institutions?

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