Friday, May 20, 2005

Perpetual Peddlin'

If you are a parent, you know the routine. Your kid comes home with a school "fundraiser," meaning YOU, not the kid, get stuck with peddling wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, food, etc. to your colleagues at work. I always groaned when I had to do this, but would say to colleagues that I would buy their kids' wrapping paper, subscriptions to popular magazines I didn't want, or coupons for simple carbs restaurants, where I shouldn't eat.

Thinking that our only child is now in college, I would be free from requests for such...BUT NO...Last week a young woman from my daughter's school whom we hardly knew and who grunted a few words in our direction over the years wrote us to ask if we would support her college soccer team. And today, one of my daughter's HS classmates but not a close friend, who moved away with her family 2 years ago, asked us to sponsor her in a leukemia and lymphoma triathlon fundraiser.

Good you got us this month our financial advisor has put us on a strict budget!

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