Sunday, June 26, 2005

Lagniappe: Joe Dirt and the Two Johns

Hahaha, did some father-daughter bonding last night at Deer Creek in Noblesville (I prefer the older, evocative name over the newer, proper, but corporate name of "Verizon Wireless Music Center"), terrific concert, but had my fill for a while of summer crowds...and this guy who kept circling in front of's her AIM away message this morning...:

wow. if you ever need a confidence booster in the looks department, see a Mellencamp concert in Indiana. I mean, whoaaaaa, it HAS to be the most unhealthy state. Gastric bypass for like, 90% of the crowd a.s.a.p.
other than that - mellencamp is a genius. fogerty is a genius. old men with guitars and raspy voices rock my world.

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