Tuesday, July 19, 2005

When I should have been writing my book...

My wife and I got new cell phones yesterday, on my suggestion, with camera and video capability. We stood in line to buy the phones and exchange the SIM cards out of our old phones, getting interrupted 5 times by calls from our daughter as she attempted to navigate the LA freeways for the first time, arriving safely though frazzled in Santa Monica, where she will intern a few days a week til Labor Day.

Of course I realized there would be a learning curve with new gadgets, but I did not think it would be Sisyphean. This morning, I went to the cell office twice (fortunately it is a block away from our humble abode), but then stood in line endlessly, and then spent a total of 40 minutes on the phone with tech support when the office guys couldn't figure it out, all for what, you ask, dear 1.5 readers? To be able to send out-of-focus pictures of our cats or whatever to my wife's phone and to her email address! It was finally solved after going through 65 menus and inputting 45 characters here and 87 there. Seems we both had wrong IP addresses in our phones. Why were the phones given to us with the software wrongly configured? Oh, never mind. If you must ask, you must never have had the pleasure of being celled.

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