Monday, October 10, 2005

Ivan Tribble Unmasked!...

...and his name is Leopold Stotch, posting on Outside the Beltway. Here is some Tribblish drivel from Stotch on Daniel Drezner's recently reported tenure denial at Chicago:

First, Drezner's blogging under his real name while untenured was a gigantic mistake. There's is no way for me to believe that what he wrote at his blog was not a factor in the tenure committee's decision, and I think it was a foolish mistake for him to both blog under his real name but also to be so public about it (his website is listed on his academic CV).

But second, and more importantly, Drezner made another huge mistake in trying to conflate blogging and scholarship, and I can only assume that his colleagues deemed this type of work unserious -- a perspective with which I largely agree. Looking at his CV, however impressive, might have led his colleagues to believe that once granted tenure, his focus might shift away from his serious work toward more articles, books, conference papers, etc. about blogging -- which I assume is hardly what they were looking for when they hired him.