Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Brain Mush

OK, my brain is mush. I can't do much more than half listen to this Baroque station I have pulled up on Itunes on my laptop. I can't blame the heat, as I have sat in my AC'ed house all day...maybe that is it. Still getting over the ordeal that was a visit to the UK in its own meltdown weather.

I spent the day polishing another AERA proposal, due today, and yesterday on the other one. That is why my brain is mush. Writing is hard work, getting the words just right. I have a tendency to be elliptical, when I need to be more explicit.

But there has been good stuff to read and to think about, but I guess I don't have it in me now to blog about...More on odd hero for our times, but perhaps not! A review, and then a Diane Rehm interview, with Debby Applegate, the author of a new book on Henry Ward Beecher, "the most famous man in America." Fascinating. Still, all my brain can absorb is some faint harpsichord music from one of Itunes stations...

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