Saturday, September 09, 2006


T minus 4 hours til daughter turns 21. Actually 5 hours, since she is back in Evanston, and in Wrigleyville with her boyfriend tonight. Got me fingers crossed.

Back from Trader Joe's in Indy, stocked up with goodies for the week. I can feel fall in the air, hoorah!

I need to weigh in on Spellings, but too tired now and must work tomorrow on the chapter I wrote with Jim Garrison on listening and reverence, talk about it with one of the editors of the book it is going in, edit two papers for my journal (very sloppy, don't authors check references?), work on another paper with a grad student for publication, and read a book on Dewey and get going on a review due soon. Oh yes, prepare for teaching on Monday, and do laundry, the lawn, and figure out how to get the painting and shrubs done this fall.

So, to prepare for that, watch the Bucket woman tonight, along with some of the Bucks 'n Horns Fest on da tubulous...

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