Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Live Blogging Charles Frazier on Diane Rehm's show

Brings back memories, tastes, sights: lived in Cullowhee, NC for 8 years. A magical place. Worked at this magical place.

Frazier now talking about how more than 10% on Trail of Tears were black...he just talked about yellow jacket soup, a dish served in Thirteen Moons.

His voice calls back memories. Mountain men often have a modest, modulated, but almost boring spoken voice. Frazier has this too. It is soothing to listen to him. He also says CheroKEE, the mountain way, and AppalAAchian. Nice to hear again.

But it also brings up all the sentimentality of the North Carolina mountains, where folks always want to tell you the stories about their pappies and grannies. I guess I like a small dose of that.

$8M advance for Thirteen Moons.

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