Monday, February 26, 2007

Post Oscar posting...

Watching the Oscars is a tradition in our house. I didn't think I could do it last night, due to work, but I just stayed on my ole laptop and watched. I had just gotten back from a sleet filled drive to Evanston and back, to take our daughter back to college. Here are some snippets of an email I had with her last night and today. She is headed to Los Angeles this summer to try herself.

I am not above commenting on dress. Our favorite was Gwyneth Paltrow, for me it was the understated color (apricot?) as I am becoming partial to orange more and more (perhaps I am a closet Illini?). Our daughter liked Jada Pinkett Smith's dress and that of Kirsten Dunst, although said Kirsten looked like she was on something:

"I didn’t see Jada’s dress. I missed the first 15 minutes of the show. I remember from my recent viewing of Mona Lisa Smile again for my class that Kirsten Dunst, who basically shares the lead with Julia Roberts, has sorta lazy eyes, seems like they are half closed sometimes. Maybe just high cheekbones.

It was funny, but I was on email with a colleague at NC State and he made an Oscar reference, and I told him I liked Nicole’s look, and he said something funny, can’t remember exactly, but that he has found he really enjoys a cherry lollipop. I don’t remember the bow, but the paper mentions it.

The paper also criticized Ellen D. for being too low key, but that is what I liked about her. Her humor was appropriate, and unlike other Oscar hosts, she didn't draw undue attention to herself.

I didn’t like Jerry Seinfeld at all. One was the example of supposed “humor” in the reference to criminals who must pick up trash in orange jumpsuits with a stick with a nail on the end. I don’t like put down humor at all, especially by wealthy people of others less fortunate. The other was his stating that the films he was introducing were “depressing.” What IS depressing is having to look at his gawky face!

I liked the Melissa E. touch of acking her “wife” ole Jeff grad Tammy Lynn (note: Tammy Lynn Michaels is from Lafayette IN, and went to the big HS in that neighboring city, along with Axl Rose).

I thought some of the stuff about Gore was Hollywood getting on the latest bandwagon, because an A-lister like Leo is for it. Of course I am for Gore’s agenda, but truth be told, his movie was essentially a PowerPoint show with some stuff thrown in. He is to be commended, but he is not doing the science and so forth of combating global warming.

The Coppola/Lucas/Spielberg trio looked like three older white males, almost like the old Hollywood establishment, acking another older white male, Scorcese, for one of those awkward Oscar moments when the “prize” just has to go to someone who has been ignored over the years. Every year there is some sentimental favorite.

I generally liked the montages and retrospectives. Jennifer Hudson almost popped out of her dress, and her singing is more like screaming at times."

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