Monday, April 30, 2007


The Chronicle has a section this week on college admissions, complete with the usual suspects: profiles of high-powered HS seniors who don't get into their first-choice colleges, context-setting remarks by thoughtful admissions officers, and so forth. A good section, worth a careful read, especially as I am a keen observer of higher education, a former Ivy admissions officer, and the parent of a college senior.

The last gives me relief. Our only child got into her first-choice university and program, and will graduate in June. She has enjoyed her time there and has done well.

I breathe a bit more easily now, for here is what I will NOT ever be doing: summer trips to visit colleges and sitting through bland information sessions and tours (both of which I have given); applying to college; hurrying on tax forms in order to apply for financial aid; moving endless boxes and bulky items up stairs and down stairs to dorm rooms and apartments, and so on. You get the picture. I won't miss any of that, quite frankly. I will miss going to visit her at what is my graduate alma mater, and making those connections periodically.

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