Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ja, Ja, but can I text from my buggy?

Hat tip to my good friend Krista Simons. As she pointed out, these are probably German Baptists, as we have here in Indiana*, or Mennonites, and not the Amish, and the GBs use technology (and are terrific plumbers, I can attest!)
And yes, the IPhone is gorgeous, just fiddled with one at the AT&T store, but since, sigh, I just got a Blackjack, and my wallet is vacuumed after some home improvements, can't swing the sleek little gem.
*We also have Amish here in Indiana...good hearty artery stickin' food you can get up in Nappanee and Middlebury and down near Marshall nearby, yum...but the German Baptists are visible and prominent here in Tippecanoe County and environs.