Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Cruisin' the APA...

Well, not this year. Not for a number of years. But it seems that EVERY blog I have read today talks about going to the APA. It is sure nice to hear about it, and not go, yes sirree! One of my buds here must be there, as his pickup with the "Leibniz" vanity plate hasn't moved from its place in the parking garage.

I do remember the Eastern Division APA interrupted my post holiday sloth of eggnog and bowl games for a number of years. One year, I interviewed for a temporary position (I won't tell you where, but it is a college in MN that shares the same town as another college, and you can study Norwegian at this other college, and, and...). The professor interviewed me, in her hotel room, and took several phone calls, in Spanish, sitting on her bed, while I sat, interrupted, near the TV. And then another year, we all trekked up from Evanston to attend the Central Division APA in Milwaukee. We emerged from the bus station and walked a block, looking for the conference hotel. I was just about to ask for directions when I saw a gaggle of middle aged men in scraggly beards and ill fitting coats. Ah, I know where the APA is, no need to ask for directions now...

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