Thursday, December 30, 2004

Notes on David Weinberger talk...

Here are some of my notes on the Weinberger talk I discussed yesterday...

David Weinberger Talk on CSPAN 11/15/04
-"Mr. Blog"
-Why all is miscellaneous
-knowledge begins with miscellaneous
-more personal voice with blogs
-wikipedia, from the bottom up
-over time, epistemological justification got tighter
-led to an anorexic view of knowledge
-Aristotle, what is it?; gather together and split apart.
-Porphyry, the tree like knowledge metaphor
-Dewey Decimal system and how restrictive it is
physical: split, neat and clear, owner owns organization
digital: viney, messy a virtue, order the way you want (amazon and new egg examples), users contribute (social tagging)
-content becomes the tag, get all the content out there
-build ponds with rich info objects, have stuff as rich as possible
-Kenmore traditional site versus a message board: anecdote about buying a washer/dryer, why message board was better
-Blogs: public, voice, and persistence
-blogs send you away by internal links, rather than arrogate authority and content
-written badly is okay; not polished, see the writer at home, an ethos of forgiveness develops, pull people together unlike most published writing
-forgiveness and how it affects knowledge growth
-on forgiveness itself; anecdote about how he googled the word, came to akma's blog, then linked away for multiple views
-the eruption of joy in a blog, multisubjectivity
-the shape of knowledge? Trees are in trouble
-knowledge is organic, viney, and dark. We have had 2500 years of tree knowledge
-Vines are better and I think he said the only knowledge framework to allow us to live in a plurality

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