Friday, January 21, 2005

Maud Newton: A Blogger on Blogging

This essay describes with grace and self deprecating wit what is captivating, and engrossing, about blogging: the magnetism of informal, generous, hospitable prose characteristic of many blogs. Maud also hits straight on, though, the obsessive quality of blogging, and how it may interfere (odd word for what I am trying to express...crowd out?) with other writing, reading, or even interaction F2F with significant others.

How much of blogging leads to other, more distilled writing? Should I draft my articles and book chapters on my blog? It does help me with the higher education in film and fiction I am teaching...

Enough...Hazel, our kitten, needs tending. She keeps fighting with Gia, our older tabby. Jay Leno, a few feet away...on the inauguration: "So what is "pomp" it a fat pimp?" Good night....

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