Thursday, January 27, 2005

Sandy and the Professor

OK, guilty pleasure night...The OC...some daughter bonding and sharing next day on IM and email fo sho...and well, just love watching Peter's pretty painful watching Mischa Barton...can't decide if she is SUPPOSED to be Miss Slateface, or her facial expressions are naturally petrified. I'll give her the benefit of the former...she is younger than my daughter, and I am generous tonight.

Gallagher's character, Sandy Cohen, a former public defender now living in a palatial Newport Beach house, gets a call from his favorite law professor from Berkeley, who wants to find his long lost daughter, who was Sandy's love back in the idealistic days of law school. Don't get to see much of the professor, guess I will have to extend my guilt next week to see another Hollywood perfesser type. He looks kindly...he has retired to Princeton...he is dying...hey, he's the Fox's Mr. Professor Man! No imperial Professor Kingsfield from Paper Chase here!

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