Thursday, March 10, 2005

Article: Lawrence of Absurdia

Oh dear...a more complete discussion of Larry Summers and possibilities of Asperger's syndrome, from Boston magazine. I first learned of Asperger's when a good friend, in conflict with his provost, thought that person suffered from Asperger's.

Here is an interesting snippet from the article:

So great was the bewilderment over Summers's lack of social skills that some in the Harvard community wondered if there might be a clinical reason for his behavior: a neurobiological disorder called Asperger's syndrome. A form of autism, the disorder was first described by a Viennese physician named Hans Asperger in 1944. People with Asperger's, which affects mostly boys, aren't likely to have any physical disabilities. They sometimes show an extraordinary grasp of obscure topics. As a result, the condition is sometimes known as the "geek" or "little professor" syndrome. Some scientists believe Asperger's has a genetic basis, possibly present when a child has intellectually similar parents. The theory goes that in university towns and research-and-development corridors such as Silicon Valley, many highly intelligent but socially maladroit men marry women with similar characteristics, which can result in offspring with an excess of genes related to autism, Asperger's, and associated disorders.

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