Saturday, March 19, 2005

Spring Break: Adjust the Tracking...

I worked two afternoons here during my SB, surrounded by sodden cornfields, on our daughter's financial aid renewal application and her taxes (a W2, a 1099, work in IL and IN, aaaarrrrrgggghhhh, my accountant to the rescue) and it still has loose ends. We go up to Evanston tomorrow to take her and one of her roommates to O'Hare, for her "absolutely have to have it or I will die" spring break trip to San Diego, returning home to sodden cornfields with a fish, a rusty bike, and a recalcitrant bunch of software on her laptop. Next weekend I pick her up at O'Hare, bring her home for a few days, and then take her back after I teach my afternoon class, as her spring quarter doesn't start until Tuesday.

What is wrong with this picture? :-)

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