Saturday, April 09, 2005

Off to AERA...

Well, off to AERA in Montreal for a few days. Race back Wednesday very early to be here for my wife's MFA defense. I do hope our dying pup can make it...she has lymphatic cancer.

It is the mother of all conferences...some hate it for its immensity, but I always seem to find my cozy nook. The program is nearly 500 pages long, with multiple ways to look things up and cross list.

Rooming with fave buddies Jim Garrison and Tom Hunt. Gonna talk about a possible book on reverence and education with Jim. What else...oh, yes, cruising the book display...cruising the receptions, some of which cost 5 figures.

Rating receptions 1-5 spoons. Arizona State is usually a 5 spooner, great food. Michigan State...the rock and roll party with Bob Floden's band always on Tuesday night...may make it this year after a long hiatus. I don't recall ever eating much there, but I do enjoy dancin', so 5 spoons. The Dewey Society reception...usually a 4 spooner, but a 5 spooner for good company. Sippin' and quippin'.

Hope to finally meet Sherman Dorn...may even take him up on that freebie breakfast for his editorial board...

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