Saturday, May 28, 2005

I don't think I have seen...

...women professors still working in their mid 70s and beyond; it is almost always the men who, as a colleague once said to me, "have a hard time thinking of themselves as anything but professors." professors driving old cars.

...someone being unequivocally pleased about a teaching award. intelligent defense of the Bush administration.

...a year go by without a student or faculty member offering support of fundamentalist Christianity.

...colleagues catching themselves and being discreet to secretaries and others about their summer vacations and sabbaticals abroad.

...a faculty meeting without the usual hot air from a few colleagues, guaranteed to extend "discussion" by 25%.

...a dean who was asked to leave without getting a golden handshake.

...a time when I didn't hear each day a word that begins with "nano-."

So, dear 2.5 readers, what have you not seen?

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