Monday, June 13, 2005

Lagniappe: Jacko Aftermath

I needed some distraction today, after starting teaching again, working on house refi, planning a trip, and not doing a daily stint of book, before the lawn and a grocery run with Rita, we took in the Jackson verdict coverage on CNN. I thought we were back with the white Bronco, with the live helishots of the motorcade...alas, it was a black Escalade this time.

Michael Jackson is a sad case of arrested development, IMHO. From what I gather, his father was abusive to both Michael and to Michael's mother. Joe Jackson is very odd, gives me the creeps. The mother seems like a Stepford wife. Michael has retreated to emotional territory at Neverland that is safer.

But what angers me is the press coverage of the verdict, especially this venomous, barking woman named Nancy Grace. I had to turn off the tube, especially being offended by the way she bullied the jury foreman and others. I don't know much about Grace, and want to find out more. Where did she come from?

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