Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Just reserve the table, class will meet on Friday during happy hour..

A few years ago, we had a faculty member in my college who moved to Las Vegas (far from midwest cornland, where I reside), and flew in to meet her classes periodically in local restaurants. Our dean got wind of this and put an end to such shenanigans. A few other faculty have gotten other offers, and attempted to stay on our payroll. Also squashed.

Then of course there are the faculty who live miles away. Not a few miles, mind you, but many. Such as the Windy City to the north, 'bout 130 miles. Or even the fair state of Wisconsin, several hundred miles of tundra to the north. These faculty come in for a few days, maybe staying at a Microtel or crashing in an apartment or a friend's house, but are not around otherwise.

How many of you have such stories of "roads" scholars?

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