Sunday, August 14, 2005

New Posterior Simian

Full Disclosure: Whine ahead!

With daughter about to embark on her junior year, I was relieved that dealing with the infamous bicycle was over. Bought her a bike her freshman year, which she rode for one semester. It then stayed out in cold and snow, had seat stolen, which I replaced at home at more cost than I care to admit.

Then got bike reconditioned a bit (another trip to the bike shop) to take back for her sophomore year. Since she was now living on South Campus at NU, not on the distant North Campus (aka Wisconsin) where she had been her freshman year, she didn't ride the bike, nor did she move it all year. She lost the key to the U lock, so the campus police had to buzz saw it off (I arranged that, of course, need you ask?) in June. I took the bike home and put it up on the ceiling of our garage, and said, farewell, o Wal-Mart special, 'twas good to know you, good riddance!

But now, a new monkey on our backs, drum roll...the bed! Ah yes, the bed she bought for her new apartment. Left it up there in Evanston for the summer, where a former roommate slept on it. Neglected to tell us that it was a queen, so all the sheets Rita had bought for her future bed were too small.

Now, with her out in Los Angeles, how do we get the bed a mile south to her new apartment from the apartment her former roommate stayed in while taking the bazillion hour per week intensive premed course this summer? This must be done in a few weeks, before said daughter comes home.

So, we may have to rent a van, go up, get the bed, hope to put it in new apartment, but before the lease starts, or bring it all the way home, and then take it back a week later. Either that or find some football players to do it, and hope they don't bend the mattress like an opposing player.

So, the reasonably priced bed now guessed the bargain bike, like the private college tuition, a vacuum to my wallet.

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