Monday, July 25, 2005

Jerky Writing...

OK, let's see, want to start on a conference proposal on listening...

Listening on cell, come over to mortgage company to sign some documents we forgot to ask you to do last week when we closed on your refi...leave computer, go 'cross the river, then back...okay, listening has several dim...okay, call from daughter to say she is stuck in LA freeway traffic, okay, dear, but I did suggest you get a map and find streetway to get to your internship...okay, where was I...listening has several dimensions, one of from home, old first mortgage company left message to remind us that our payment is overdue, okay, no problem, the payoff is "in the mail...,"...okay, listening...ooops, forgot I need to get hold of Paul Woodruff's Reverence in order to work meaningfully on this proposal, out the office, across the torrid lawn to the library...back, sweaty can of Diet Coke in hand...where was I??

And I thought my life as an academic administrator was fragmented!

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