Monday, September 05, 2005

Cutting the cord?

I am asking for any comments or advice about getting rid of one's landline phone. We have thought of this, as my wife and I both have cells, as does our daughter, with rollover minutes and free mobile to mobile, as well as generous anytime minutes and buckets of night and weekend minutes. We have cable TV, and our cable company keeps asking if we want to go broadband, which is faster than our DSL connection now.

Now, we get calls at home that we screen with our caller ID, which costs $ for a landline. We don't answer the phone without checking who it is. If it is "unavailable" on the caller ID box, it is invariably a solicitor, even though we have signed up for donotcall. We get free caller ID with our cells. We get good signals anywhere in our hometown, except the basement of my behemoth building at the MooU where I work, where I only go for the coffee machine, or in the elevators of said brick edifice, which I now avoid mostly to use the free exercise equipment (aka stairs).

We would have to tell my mother to call at night or weekends if she wanted to chat for a long time, which is always. She doesn't do email. :-(

Do others have experiences with cutting the cord? What are the pros and cons you have found?

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