Saturday, September 03, 2005

Bailing out Tulane: Some issues...

A comment in Inside Higher Ed, about which I am ambivalent, due to Tulane's endowment wealth and the author being a "Tulane mom." But some points deserve thought:

Tulane needs a 200,000,000 fema grant

Tulane needs $200,000,000 from FEMA, immediately, or it might well go under. Why could it go under? Because $100,000,000 is about 7,000 times 15,000, which I estimate is the stream of anticipated tuition for this semester, and if Tulane has gotten it from a student already, frankly, Tulane kinda owes it back to his or her family. And if Tulane pays them back, how can it pay its profs, its workers, its hospital staff, its coaches. I am adding 100,000,000 for next semester and hospital revenue such as it is.

Tulane is the largest employer in New Orleans. It is the third largest employer in Louisiana. More than its buildings and its bars, New Orleans is its people. So lets get together and get the FEMA money to the place it needs to go first and foremost — Tulane

--Susan Leboff, T
ulane mom, at 7:36 am EDT on September 3, 2005

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