Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Group Blog Blue Sky

Today I tooled over to UIUC, to pay homage to Chief Illiniwek...NOT.

Did go over to Champaign to meet with Craig Cunningham, Nick Burbules, and Wally Feinberg on starting a group blog on education. We tossed around a bunch of ideas, and plan to Moodle soon to move along on our planning.

The day was topped off by the first Hardie lecture at the College of Ed, given by Denis Phillips of Stanford, always a stimulating and amusing speaker. I do like that term he used, "methodolatry," and his discussion of how research other than random field testing has been silenced in national education circles bothered me a great deal. Education is increasingly funneled into simplistic terms, when it is anything but a simplistic phenomenon.

Tidbit at the end of Denis's Darwin took 20 years to write his Origin, anticipating arguments, doing further observations, carrying on a rhetorical development of the book...fascinating!

A stunningly beautiful drive over, too, crystal blue sky and turning leaves.

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