Monday, December 12, 2005

Slow Down...

End of the year slow down for me, but alas, I have a chapter to write due in January...why, oh why, do I agree to such over the holiday...well, because it is a fine cast of folks, led by my good friend David Hansen of Teachers College.

Trying to eke out 300 posts by the time my one year anniversary rolls around, heck, gotta check, it may have already done so, I started this ole blog in mid December 2004.

Oh yes, this bit of delightful news from the heartland here. The largest decorated tree in Indiana, I think that is right, used to be called the Christmas Tree, put up in the Memorial Union here at Purdue for two weeks in December. Then to be more inclusive, it was called a Holiday Tree for a number of years. But some protesteth about the "holiday" designation, so it was changed this year to simply the Union Tree.

But wait, a veritable Niagara of emails came in protesting THAT designation, so the Student Union Board caved, and went back to...the Holiday Tree, you say?, alas, it is now called the Christmas Tree! Can you believe it?

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