Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Summers to leave Harvard Presidency June 30

Well, this is all over the higher ed news today, so I thought, why mention it on this blog, but...I have followed this story with great interest, so here is one of its final chapters...and I probably will have more to think about and say later...on to class prep.

Update: after class, a wonderfully allusive and nuanced discussion of Russo's Straight Man, btw...and Sherman Dorn is right, Tim Burke's posting on Summers is the sensible one.

Update, 2/22 NYT, gotta love it: "Dr. Summers also offended some with what many saw as a style more suited to Washington than to Cambridge. He was driven in a black limousine with a license plate reading "1636," the year of Harvard's founding; Dr. Bok, by contrast, had driven his own Volkswagen bus."

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