Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bear 141

Finishing up a book chapter this afternoon, paying bills, thinking of firing up TurboTax (figure that our taxes are no longer complicated enough for our $$ accountant to do), and dipping into SB pregame coverage (waiting for 12 minutes of the Stones at halftime, given I have no strong feelings about the Steelers or the Seahawks, but think the Steelers will win!)...

...last night though, had a Grizzly Man fest with Rita. Watched it on DVD, finally (am a huge Werner Herzog fan, still waiting for my copy of Aguirre the Wrath of God to show up), watched the documentary of the music being made (dug especially Herzog's comments about artistic creation, and his interactions with terrific guitarist Richard Thompson), then the Discovery Channel's special on the film, and then of course surfed the web for more. I especially remembered Herzog's comment that filmmaking is like musicmaking, that film is more like music than literature.

I think about Timothy Treadwell and his obvious emotional needs being played out solipsistically in the "grizzly maze." He crossed the line, but many of us do every day with our animals. I need more time to process this film.

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