Thursday, January 19, 2006

A good laff...

The blogoscenti have been pecking away furiously about the UCLA group that is supposedly "outing" radical professors. I agree with Kieran Healy over at Crooked Timber that the website UCLA Profs is poorly written and conceived. But I can't help but laugh at this portrait of their numero uno target, complete with their highest "rating" of five fists below that groovy picture. And the text, hahahahaha, here are some tidbits:

-While he’s cool with the gay folks, Peter McLaren is no fan of the white man. How could he be, when the white man, or whiteness in general, is the font of all terror, all capitalism, all hegemony, all whatever-the-academic-scapegoat-word-of-the-moment-is.

-The only thing that stops McLaren from being the next Noam Chomsky is that his academic output, while unbelievably prolific, is often insufferably abstract, riddled with words that send even college-level readers running for the dictionary.

And this is my fave:

-With most UCLA professors, the C. V. (essentially an academic resume) is a somewhat lengthy document that can run upwards of 20 pages. McLaren puts them all to shame with a bloated C.V. that weighs in at an astounding 129 pages. One. Hundred. Twenty. Nine. While admittedly bulked up at some intervals by six-line entries for a single speech (down to the location and time, in proper Euro-notation), it also reflects the monster that is Peter McLaren.

Hey, you go Peter!

Update: An unusually short post on the UCLA outing topic from Michael B.

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