Thursday, January 05, 2006

I so wanted Charlotte's grades to be wrong!

Up for air, after scattered and infrequent posts this past month.

I just finished a marathon read of I am Charlotte Simmons, which I will use this semester in my higher ed in film and fiction class. I found the sports sections totally absorbing, and the character of Charlotte Simmons just about heartbreaking (I've lived in the hollers of western North Carolina, eaten at plenty of Sizzlin' Skillets, and can imagine how a family there might give a Christmas present of a rebuilt Kaypro computer). I admit I set myself up for the ending, hoping that Wolfe would rescue Charlotte, but no, and it tore me up.

Now finishing Elaine Showalter's Faculty Towers, a nice little job, and I don't mind the indulgent Princetoning within, as some have.

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