Monday, May 15, 2006

When Age has its advantages...

John Merrow's latest podcast...with my comments in brackets...I am glad to be beyond such...


A young adjunct professor would like nothing more than a full time teaching position that would put him on the long road {six years is not long, is it?} towards tenure, but most of his requests for job interviews go unanswered. {very common, appalling practice} H. Michael Gelfand is popular with students {oh dear} at the University of Arizona. The 37-year-old {adjuncting has got to get REALLY OLD at that age} history {tough going...will have to find out his area, which may be hot or not} instructor has a passion and talent for teaching {oh dear again}, his PhD, and a nearly-completed book.{he will be competing with others who have COMPLETED a book} How much more will it take? {Luck, good letters, an A-list doctoral program, the right job at the right time, what else, dear readers?}

PS: He did land a tenure track job after the interview with Merrow, at James Madison.

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