Thursday, August 03, 2006

Everybody's got a huh, huh, huungry blog

As a blogger, a former administrator, and an enthusiastic observer of the follies of higher education (the title of this blog takes after a fave novel about ye olde land grants), I do appreciate the "blog that ate the presidency" item that started on Inside Higher Ed and has been commented upon. I still believe that virtually all administrative problems stem from communication breakdowns (hum that Led Zep tune...).

The Alfred State president seems clueless to me,...she didn't seem to know what a blog was, and then tried to shut it down, threatening anyone who participated in criticism. I am astonished that she didn't seek more constructive means to deal with the issues. Obviously she was out of her element as a university president, IMHO.

Thanks to Nick Burbules for suggesting I look further into this...

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