Monday, February 26, 2007

The (now not so) secret life of Cory Kennedy

A tale for our age, dear reader!

Remember Kato Kaelin? No, I figure you didn't or if you did, it is something completely in passing. However, he was on several channels of national TV for several weeks (not just YouTube).

How about the three guys who invented the "Whassaaaaaap" routine? Yes, they were interviewed by Katie Couric and Paula Zahn, but nobody has heard of them since.

What about Lawrence Turow, aka Mr. T? He had a big part in one of the Rocky movies, and was a star on “The A Team.” Remember that show? No, figure you didn't.

Popular culture thrives on novelty, and it seems that Cory Kennedy is the latest in this "phenomenon" of amusing ourselves to death with instant celebrity, sort of the logical extreme of other non-talents such as Paris Hilton and Edie Sedgewick, who are, as the saying goes, famous for being famous.

Hmmm: Parents run a diploma mill! (Hawking HS diplomas in "less than a week").

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