Saturday, May 05, 2007

Purdue Jet Heads for California

The Purdue jet left West Lafayette for California today, according to the nightly news. That can only mean that it is picking up our next president.

Looks like France Córdova, chancellor at UC Riverside, is set to be named Purdue's 11th president on Monday afternoon, and then introduced to the community at a reception at the Purdue Memorial Union.

One of 12 children, she has a bachelor's in English from Stanford, and a PhD in physics from Cal Tech. It is very exciting to think that Purdue will have its first female president, and a Latina too! Add to that my new colleague, Nathalia Jaramillo, now finishing her dissertation under Peter McLaren at UCLA, shares some of the same background.

(Dear reader, you would have to spend time in the Midwest, in Indiana, at an enormous land grant university, perhaps even to have read the inspiration for this blog, Jane Smiley's novel Moo, to understand the sea change this represents.)

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