Thursday, December 30, 2004

Tragedy in the Village

The local NPR affiliate reported that a graduate student couple from the PRC, he in mechanical engineering, she in chemical engineering, argued on Christmas morning in their apartment in the Purdue Village (aka married student housing, a massive complex stretching west of campus).

The report I heard said she stabbed her husband in the chest with a knife, and then slit her wrists and stabbed herself in the chest. Both were rushed to the local hospital, where they were treated and released. A trial date has been set.

I searched in vain for more information on the local newspaper's website or the local CBS affiliate's site or evening newscast. Nothing yet...and this happened almost a week ago!

I asked one of my graduate students (both he and his wife are from the PRC and live in the Village too) about it. He had no more details to offer at this point but did say such stress (that may provoke such an incident) is common, but those suffering may not seek help or counseling due to cultural norms.

What can we do at the university to deal with this in a better way?

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