Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lagniappe...Watch for Bambi in the Headlights...

A NYT editorial about the proliferation of white tail deer, evidence of an ecosystem badly out of balance.

As someone who smashed a buck on I65 almost two years ago, 30 miles north of Indy, late after the state HS track meet, I can attest to their abundance and how endangered they are on our highways. I didn't see more than a red blur, but my wife saw him jump. We limped home, badly shaken, a shattered headlight dropping shards.

I know many people who have hit deer. It is extremely dangerous. A friend, on US 231 near Crawfordsville IN one night, had a deer run into his side window. He emerged with bloody fur all over him and the front seat.

OK, thanks for the therapy...just home from an up and back to Evanston IL and the stretch of I65 south to West Lafayette always makes me wary!

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