Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Left Behind...

Warning: Already weary parent whines ahead, before gist of post:

In the next few days, we will be moving our daughter north to college for her junior year. The great trek, this year forsaking the UHaul and trying a minivan, but wait, that might mean two trips by lil ole sore shoulders me...I believe young women have loads more stuff than young men, especially after reading that Michael Berube plans to toss a few suitcases out the window next year as he speeds away, when his son enters his junior year, seeing how said son pared down for the start of his sophomore year a week or so ago!

Whine over, to the title of the entry:

I am hoping to collect some background items soon about how Katrina is affecting animals in the region. My colleagues in (human/animal interaction, human/animal bond, anthrozoology, take your pick) here at Purdue have done research and rescue efforts over the past years on this topic. One, not surprising, item out of New Orleans is that pets figure in whether people resist leaving. My former colleague Sebastian Heath has written a book on this topic, namely pet canine disaster recovery and how it affects how humans behave in such, called Rescuing Rover, available from Purdue University Press.

Silliness relief moment:

On a lighter note, last night's penultimate Tommy Lee Goes to College was, for this easy to amuse one, hilarious, especially Tommy as Mona Lisa, and the little squirrel who chirped "Tommy got a Ceeeee!"

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