Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Thrown Down...

I am still digging out from under writing deadlines. Got a book review off today, very belatedly, a fine book on Dewey, inquiry, and education. Also done with my "faculty activity reporting time" as a friend of mine in Blacksburg calls it (do the acronym), that time of year when you list all your publications, your service, your teaching evaluations, all the publications you wish "in press" and all the ones you are talking about, in hopes of getting a munificent few percentage points on your next year's salary, or a nod for promotion.

I feel a need to feed the blog. Tomorrow should be fun, though, the first "books and coffee," a wonderful tradition here at olde Purdue. Dan Morris will be discussing M. Bérubé's "What's Liberal...." I will post the sound file if they are still doing that and letcha know how it went.

But we did have a great Lucky Jim conversation last night in class. I will get to that soon...discussing the book and then watching the 1957 film...

"Thrown a barricade." Walking around a clothing store last week, I kept hearing that...long story short, I was hearing a just gorgeous, recent, Stevie Nicks song from the Fleetwood Mac Say You Will effort of a few years ago, made me first Itunes purchase...hey, not to mention the usual enchanting, much underrated, guitar pickin' of her on again now off again, just wonderful, and just right.

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