Sunday, February 11, 2007

Back to Work

Trying to get an essay review with a grad student polished off, but...

1 Caught last few minutes of Purdue v. MSU women's hoops game, especially to see MSU freshman center Allyssa DeHaan, who is, not a typo, 6'9"! Er, we lost, at home, to complete a 0-4 record when on national TV.

2 Call from daughter who left notes and text at home, and needs them for English test tomorrow. So typed in notes about Cartesian mechanism, vitalism, and so forth into an email.

3 Made and ate dinner.

4 Cat kept pushing open door. So, found out latch didn't work. After putting in a shim, unscrewing and rescrewing, finally figured it out (some banging and cursing later).

OK, now back to essay review.

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