Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Mac Lack

Apple Macintosh users are about 5% of the total. Maybe that is why they are so loud and boisterous about their machines, bleating on about how wonderful they are.

  • You can't right-click with a Mac. Yes, yes, you can get a special mouse or use a PC mouse and it will work. But there is no right-clicking on a Mac laptop's touchpad. Dumb. I right-click ALL the time. Would be lost without it.

  • Macs are, comparably, twice as expensive as PCs.

  • Vista has now closed the gap on operating systems.

  • There is less software for Macs. And it is more expensive.

So why, dear reader, do folks use Macs? Why do they spend twice as much money? It is because they are imprinted and enslaved to the machine. They like the image of being "cool." Macs are sexy, I grant it. They are nice to look at. But the simple fact that you have to hit the touchpad and another key to do a right-click eliminates them for me.

PCs, as the ads show, are for engineery nerds with glasses who calculate how much time you are wasting. OK. But Mac users swear that all that extra money is SO WORTH IT! Sorry, I don't get it. Besides, I live in the Midwest, so I don't worry about being seen as sexy!

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