Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Schlepping North

Been away for a few days, but still had the higher ed jones. Sunday was spent schlepping daughter back to college. Car piled high. Many trips up and down stairs. Students these days (there I go, I should be puffing a pipe and scratching my chin) have so much stuff! What happened to the days of a backpack thrown in the trunk or heaved high in a Greyhound?

Getting ready for my film and fiction class. Still putting the final touches on the syllabus.

The first issue of the journal I just started editing, Education and Culture, just came out. My wife, who has worked on a journal, said editing is a great deal of work. I never realized how true that was...but a friend also said that this work would lead to many interesting conversations. That is true too. I am looking forward to working with Berkeley Electronic Press, who have teamed up with my publisher, Purdue University Press, on production of subsequent issues.

Ice, ice, baby...what ghastly weather we are having...ah, Indiana in January.

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