Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hey Bro Jacques, can you lend me a dime?

We don't make these up, we just report, on the bizarre twists in the Derrida archives tussle mixed up with a sexual harassment suit of another professor at UC Irvine. Read this article. This snippet is especially insipid:

"Toward the end of his (Derrida) life, he enjoyed the same status as Aristotle among the ancients, and every perception of injustice was routed to his desk," said Avital Ronell, a Derrida protege who teaches at New York University. "Even as he was crawling with fatigue, he put himself in the service of those seeking his help and needing the strength of his prestigious signature."

Hey, where was Hans-Georg Gadamer when my car was towed? I hear Juergen Habermas can be tapped to intervene on landlord disputes!

HT to Margaret Soltan.

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