Sunday, March 11, 2007

Blogging and Dialogue

Thoughtful comment from my friend Len Waks on today's postings on the cultural context of the Duke lacrosse issues.

I wonder what you make of this event, now that you are able to step back from it a bit.

Is this (a) simply a built in danger (??) of blogging?

Or (b) is it actually a good thing to get your ideas out, even if they generate this sort of Ann Coulter/ Rush Limbaugh reaction??

Or (c)that the only likely reaction is of this sort, given that Ann-Rush have a built up response readiness while neither the left nor any reasonable public does?

Or (d) that it's a good thing even if only the pre-organized right replies, given that this gives them a pressure valve so they can get this off their chest, reveal their naked unloveliness in a way which does little actual harm??

Or what??

The Dewey Society commission on social issues actually has an interest in the answer to this question. Let's think about it leading up to AERA and the JDS CSI workshop on Wednesday 4/11.

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