Monday, March 05, 2007

March Dumbness

Ah, March madness is upon us...I do enjoy it, especially just watching the Purdue women (watching meaning in between doing email and sorting articles and books) beat Ohio State in the Big 10 tournament championship game. Now if the men can make a run in their tourney this weekend...

But it is also time for dopey ads. Like the one for DQ, where the three chums around the table don't exhale lest they breathe spice-induced fire on each other (surprise, they do at ad's end).

Or the ad where a dadly figure sternly lectures sub par cleaning implements (in favor of a Swiffer duster I vaguely recall).

Of course, what would televised sports be without a raft of male fantasy ads, such as the chiseled stud who smears Gillette shaving gel on his face, swipes a blade over his cheeks, and is then kissed by a pouting beauty.

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