Monday, May 14, 2007

Tabletop Studies Take Off

The recent controversy at Purdue about whether a researcher achieved "tabletop"fusion hasn't stopped the interest in tabletop projects elsewhere on campus.
A group of literary theory professors in various departments in the College of Liberal Arts have been investigating tabletop deconstruction. "We believe if we bombard the author enough times, we can achieve the fusion of horizons beyond what Hans-Georg Gadamer would have predicted!" shouts a recent newsletter article.
Other projects elsewhere on campus are investigating tabletop nutrition (appropriately called the Center for Dining TableTop Inquiry), tabletop soil science (spreading soil samples from Purdue's project in Mongolia on a nano-sized table to detect minute changes in soil composition), as well as a promising venture in the School of Veterinary Medicine on tabletop pets for this year's holiday season.

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